EIANZ Networking Evening

On Friday 9th October EIANZ held their annual networking evening providing young professionals and students the chance to hear from four amazing panellists.

  • Liz Johnstone – Associate Director of Sustainability – AECOM.
  • Angela Rutter – Director of Engagement – ACF.
  • Amanda Jones – Environment Leader – Energy Australia.
  • Dr Hartmut Fuenfgeld – Urban Planning Lecturer – RMIT

Some great advice was given and interesting questions posed such as ‘How do you balance your morals when working on a project that you may not align with?”. The most important take home messages for me were:

  • Be Curious – Ask questions and be open to new opportunities and experiences – you never know where the path may lead.
  • Think outside the job title – Many companies advertise jobs for the ideal candidate yet are also looking for a good fit. If you lack one or two of the skills in a PD there is no harm in applying.
  • Up skill – Build your soft skills such as communication and participate in extra curricular activities.
  • No job is perfect – As you learn more skills and have exposure to different issues your passions may change. The key is getting your fit in the door and seeing where it can take you.
  • Do what you love – Nothing will beat this. If you don’t love what you do it makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. We spend a great part of our lives working, you need to love what you do. Don’t fret over picking one thing and one thing only, just do what you enjoy. This will be clearly evident to potential employers.
  • The rude awakening – Moving from study to a professional environment can be difficult, there will inevitably be a rude awakening where you realise the industry you have worked so hard to get into is not the same as you imagined. How you handle this will build you and your career. A good employee will be adaptable and ready to work overlooking minor imperfections. This will not go unnoticed by your employer.

Michelle Wilson