PEN is coordinated by 6 OEP students. This semester’s committee members are:

Jen Feinstein: President


I just finished up my first semester in the Master of Environment program focusing on business and social issues. I’m from the US, where I did my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, but am loving Australia and am grateful for all the wonderful people and opportunities it has introduced me to! For one thing, the program has been extremely eye-opening and thought-provoking for me, which makes me excited for future semesters. Aside from school and PEN, I am currently a volunteer for the Green Impact program and a Waste Auditor for Great Forest Australia. Despite staying busy with these things, I’m always up for good chats and going on spontaneous outings that involve eating delicious food in this amazing city!

Eleanor Percival: Secretary/Vice-President

Eleanor - PEN headshot.jpg

I’ve just completed my first semester of the Master of Environment program which scarily translates to a quarter of the way to graduation! I’m in the tailored stream, looking at sustainable food systems and behaviour change – people are fascinating and food is literally what gets me going in the morning, so unsurprisingly I’m loving what I’ve learnt so far. My undergrad degree was in agricultural science. I have been involved with other student organisations and causes including as President of Oxfam Sydney University, as well as being one of the current student representatives on the Academic Advisory Committee for the OEP, an UMSU Women’s Mentor, a volunteer with Fair Food Challenge and an enthusiastic/woeful unskilled participant with the Melbourne University Community Garden. When I’m not bunkered down in the OEP completing assessments, I’m working on my other degree: Master of Procrastination which involves seeking out all free food events, student research projects and random events around Melbourne.

Megan Pollock: Treasurer


I am currently in my second semester of the Master or Environment program, specialising in Conservation and Restoration. I completed my undergraduate in Environmental Science also at the University of Melbourne and have been heavily involved in several student clubs and societies within the university community prior. I am passionate about the environment and concerned about the rising number of environmental issues our generation will be facing in the future. I am, however, excited by innovation and the role students such as ourselves will play in tackling environmental issues. I love adventures, being outside, trees, composting and beers.

Alice Trumble: Education Officer


Alice has just finished up her third semester of the Master of Environment. She’s from a social sciences background, so is obviously one of the many who have chosen the tailored stream option. She is trying to specialise in sustainable food systems and related policy, but spends too much time cooking and eating to really be paying attention. She is also very interested in behaviour change and wants to figure out how to get everyone on board the sustainability train. She hopes to revolutionise our crappy government, and maybe even, *shock horror*, get into proper ‘politics’ one day… if she can get over her fear of public speaking. Alice is now a PEN committee veteran and has enjoyed being a part of PEN so far, as it has helped her to achieve a better work-life-study balance, overcome social anxiety and laziness, and most importantly allow her to give back to the student community she so loves being a part of.

Raveena Grace: Social Chair

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.19.17 am.png

I am currently entering my second semester of the first year of the Master of Environment program and am specialising in climate change governance and policy. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne and majored in environmental science. I am very excited to be able to make a difference in the world and help shape the way climate change is viewed amongst the public and in policy decision making. I have a keen passion for wanting to make an impact within our University and am very enthusiastic to be able to bring together like-minded people and inspire others around me. I am currently volunteering with Green Impact through the University as well and have been contributing to implementing sustainable actions around the campus. I have also been involved with carbon emissions summits and met many wonderful and inspiring people. Outside of uni life I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing with my cats and baking yummy vegan chocolate cakes.

Sam Sparks: Outreach Officer 


Sam is in his second semester of the Master of Environment program, majoring in Governance, Policy and Markets. He comes from a varied background, having previously worked as a Chef as well as completing a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing. He has studied in both England and China, and travels as much as possible after growing up in a country town. He also enjoys live music, working his way through the Melbourne food scene and scouring record stores.