PEN Elections

Thank you to everyone who was able to make our SGM and End of Semester drinks at the Clyde. We had a great night and a well deserved break amongst assignments.

As Hector and Alex are graduating this year we had two spots to fill on the executive committee.

Ben Ross was nominated and voted as Treasurer. Adinda Aksari and Eric Ma were both nominated for outreach, we went to a vote and Adina was elected Outreach Officer. Eric has given some great advice to PEN over the last few months and we looking forward to his continued involvement. We are really excited for next year and have already started planning some exciting new events.

Joe Glesta was also nominated for the non-exec role of Burnley Outreach Officer. A newly created role that seeks to encourage ties with the Burnley Campus and hopefully provide coordination on social/networking events in the future. Joe is actively engaged on the Burnley campus and is a real asset for members who want to know more about how they can get involved at Burnley or about specific courses on offer.

Ben Ross - Treasurer

Ben Ross – Treasurer

Adinda Aksari - Outreach Officer

Adinda Aksari – Outreach Officer


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