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2017 – 2018 Postgraduate Environment Network Committee

The Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN) is an environmental networking group run by, and mainly for, the Office for Environmental Programs (OEP) students. Although PEN’s core membership is made up of OEP students and alumni, anyone with an interest in environmental issues is welcome to participate. PEN was established by a group of OEP students back in 2006, and we collaborate with the OEP, University societies and associations, as well as running independent events.

PEN aims to foster and strengthen a community of support for OEP students.Β  We:

  • Providing opportunities for new, current, and past OEP students to connect and share knowledge and experiences
  • Facilitating professional networking and information about environmental careers
  • Encouraging awareness of environmental issues in the wider community

PEN is The University of Melbourne GSA Graduate Group of the Year (2018)

PEN was announced The University of Melbourne “GSA Grad Group of the Year” (2018) at the GSA “Enchanted” Graduate Ball on August 31st, 2018. Congratulations PENsters!

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